2nd Paul Wurth – Squash Open –

Inscrits: Maxime Becker, Adriano Bidoli, Gilles Brick, Iulia Bucur, Hervé Crismer, Pavel Dvorak, Gerard Green, Tobias Hausen, Ken Haux, Constantin Iscru, Frédéric Jassin, Chris Kaufmann, Jérémy Kocan, Ben Muller, Valter Paduano, Eric Pécheur, Diogo Pereira, Lia Pereira, Antoine Picone, Thomas Rollinger, Alex Savini, Matthieu Van Bossche, Alec Van Der Snickt, Tom Zahner, Hicham Zniber.

Luxembourg Junior Open 2018

The Luxembourg Junior Open 2018 takes place from Friday, 13st to Sunday, 15rd April 2018 at TopSquash in Sandweiler, Luxembourg.

A record number of 106 players from Luxembourg, England, Portugal, Colombia, Belgium, France, Israel, Egypt, The Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic are competing in this fantastic event.

Come and support our local players!

Here’s the official website: