European U15 & U17 Junior SquashTeam Championships

The Luxembourg National Junior Teams U15 and U17 travelled to Malmo, Sweden for the European Team Championships U15/U17.
The Team Managers were Jordi Ruiz-Kaiser and Céline Ancelet-David, with the National Coach Mark Andrew Burke rounding out the management of the team.
The trip was very easy, flight to Copenhagen and then a train ride to Malmo (over the bridge between Denmark and Sweden) – where a short walk to the hotel was all that was needed to find our accommodation.

Team Luxembourg achieved 19th Place in both U15 and U17. Great result for a fast-developing country!

U15 TEAM: Amir Samimi, Matéo David, Raphael Magron, Maya Darlington, Lydie Wykes-Tempelman
U17 TEAM: Corey McMahon, Jordi Ruiz-Kaiser, Maria Ruiz-Kaiser.

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National Squads Training

In order to prepare for an international tournament in Namur in February and the ETC Level 3 tournament in Malta in April, on the basis of a recommendation from the National Coach, Daniel Verhoeven, the following players have been selected for the senior National Squads based on their current level, their availability and their contribution and commitment to the squad.

Women: Sandra D., Hanna R., Lauren C.
Men: Sanjay R., Niall W., Daniel K., Danny H., Stephane A., Marc R., Marc L., Guillaume P., Marcel K., Eric P., Jean-Claude S.
Training will now begin in January before final selection of the teams to go to the competitions.

Congratulations to all of them.

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Men 2006

The Squad 2006:

    • Sanjay Raval
    • Neal Raval
    • Stephane Ayache
    • Daniel Hutchines
    • Vincent Pauli
    • Niall Woodger
    • Daniel Kaiser
    • Marcel Kramer
    • Keith Darlington
    • Pascal Moncapjuzan
Stephane Ayache
At 29 years Stephane is the oldest member of the team. He has been playing squash for 4 years. His enthusiasm to play up to 5x per week aided him to become one the best players in Luxembourg in a very short time. Stephane has played volleyball professionally. He is a regular at all the local tournaments, and has played many in the Benelux region. This season he will play in the French League as well as the League that exists in Luxembourg.
  Daniel Hutchines
16 years, born in Lux educated in Luxembourg’s schooling system. Daniel has been raised at Top Squash as his mother operates the ballet/ Dance school. He has spent the past two years playing European juniors tournaments. He is a local in the Sandweiler community. Daniel is arguably the best junior to come out of Top Squash & Luxembourg. This season he will play in the German, French and Luxembourg leagues.
  Niall Woodger
A 21 year old who is born in Luxembourg. He has come through Luxembourg junior system. He was educated at the European school & is now studying at York University. Niall organises the York University squash club (UK). Niall is another local Sandweiler player. An enormous summers training programme has seen Niall rise up the ranks quickly.
  Vincent Pauli
21 years of Dutch origin. Born in Luxembourg and another player who attended the European School, followed by a years study at Brighton University (UK). Vincent played in the Luxembourg junior system. Vincent is now working in Luxembourg, and is heavily involved within the Squash structure that exists here.
  Daniel Kaiser
21 years. Daniel is another Top Squash/Luxembourg squash graduate as he has through the junior ranks here. Now at York University he organises the York University Squash Team with Niall. Holds the record for the fastest group of 5 sets of 20 court sprints. (51 secs average).

Keith Darlington & Marcel Kramer
These two squad players trained with the team and kept them honest over the past 6 months. Unfortunately the European Club Championships keeps Marcel away for the duration of the tournament. Keith lives on the French side of the Luxembourg boarder, this rules out his eligibility to play for Luxembourg. He is a key figure within Angels Squash Club and known to be a squash Junkie by many.
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The Squad:


Françoise Donven, Claudia Mich, Patti Linden, Isabel Juan, Sandra Denis


Sandra Denis
Sandra has been playing for the Luxembourg national team for X years. She won a bronze medal at the European Small Nation Olympics in Malta three years ago. From then she captained the ladies team to finish 3rd the past two years Luxembourg have won the ESNST. Sandra has won the national Ladies team for the past 9 years. This a record number of times.
Françoise Donven
Has been the anchor of the National Ladies team for the past five years. This is Françoise second time playing at number 2 in the team. Her fitness and determination is tough for many players to overcome. Françoise is a keen follower of the tournaments that are local and from far a field.
  Claudia Mich
A big rise in form the past 12 months has earnt her right to play in the third position. Her Non eligibility has ruled her out of the team last year. Great results at recent tournaments have helped selection. Claudia has come from the German leagues & has now been playing in the Luxembourg leagues for Five years

Isabel Juan
Has been playing for Luxembourg for the past X years. For a number of years Isabel played in the 1st position of the team. She has more experience than all the ladies team put together. Bundes liga – Spanish origin

  Patricia Linden & Lauren Crisp
Patti is a valuable squad player who has the potential to make the national team in the coming seasons. Considering that she has only been playing squash for three years
Lauren is unfortunately ruled out of the team due to injury. She suffered two injuries this summer, which was a huge setback for the squad. She is absent throughout the duration of the ESNST due to attending Loughborough University (UK).

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