European Team Championship 2008

Federation anounces conclusion of a sponsorship deal  with CITCO to send the mens’ team to the European Championships.
The Squash Federation is pleased to announce that a mens’ team will be representing Luxembourg at the European Championships in Amsterdam from 30th April to 3rd May. This prestigious Championship ( will see many of the world’s top players in action and the Luxembourg team will be trying to build on the recent successes in the Small Nations’ tournament.
The participation of the team has been made possible by the generous sponsorship of CITCO Fund Services, the largest independent administrator of hedge funds and funds of hedge funds in the world with offices worldwide, including Luxembourg.
The build-up to the Championships, and the results will be featured on the FSL web-site.

Here are the players nominated for the European Team Championships 2008:

  • AYACHE Stéphane
  • HUTCHINES  Daniel
  • KAISER  Daniel
  • PAULI  Vincent
  • RAVAL  Sanjay
  • SNEYD  Nathan

Further information:

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European Small Nations Squash Tournament

Luxembourg squash claims double gold in Iceland.

The Luxembourg men’s and women’s squash teams recently competed in the annual European Small Nations Squash competition, this year held in Reykjavik, Iceland. Last year Luxembourg, for the first time in the history of Small Nations squash won both titles, with the tournament being held in Luxembourg. The challenge this year was to defend the titles away from the Grand Duchy and complete a 100% record in the matches.


The national coach, Nathan Sneyd had the luxury of picking from virtually the same squad as last year, with the only addition being Vincent Pauli, who made his debut in this year’s competition.

The teams:               

Men     Women
1. Sanjay Raval 1. Sandra Denis
2. Stephane Ayache 2. Francoise Donven
3. Neal Raval 3. Claudia Mich
4. Daniel Hutchines  
5. Niall Woodger  
6. Vincent Pauli    

The competition was played over four days with the opposition being Iceland, Monaco, Liechenstein and Cyprus.

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European Small Nations Squash Tournament

Another successful campaign for the National Squash team held in Iceland last week. On the finals day, the Men’s team won 5-0 and the Ladies team won 2-1 over the hosts.  The Ladies have now won 4 consecutive ESNST titles and the Men have just collected their 2nd consecutive title, a marvelous feat of recovery when they have been at the bottom of of the 6 nations that compete for a long time. I said after the result – "The results of this tournament comes down to being more dedicated to training and having a little bit of sacrifice, not only the individuals involved the past years but to the squad that are still developing too. And we can can still do more should the will of the Squad and the FSL choose." "Each player have all played their part every match – that is why we have the best teams in the competition"   Sandra Denis, had a great tournament. For the first time she beat the Cyprus number who held on to a 15 year undefeated reign and has just came from success at the Masters of the British Open two weeks prior. And a victory against Iceland’s first professional player was a success as she is improving rapidly. Francoise Donven was steady as a rock last week. She won all of her games comfortably. Claudia Mich played all the matches at #3 this year. Some teams had changed their order of players so in most matches she was playing above her level. This experience in Iceland should encourage her. Winning 2 from 4 was expected.   In the Men’s Team it was Niall Woodger & Daniel Hutchines who got the team of to flying starts on every occasion. A good team is a balanced one and Luxembourg have it. This ensured Neal Raval (who was playing at #3) was relaxed before each match. He had two two tough 5 set matches and 1 forfeit against Monaco. Vincent Pauli was the debutant this year and he played the first match for us against Liechtenstein. He won 3/1 and learnt a lot from this match. If he continues like he has this past season he will be a strong force for the team in the future, which is really positive news. Stephane Ayache, was another player who had to play above his level, he collected 2 wins from 4. Good experience for him and what an achievement for someone who has been playing for only 5 years. Sanjay Raval once again did it tough at # 1. Also 2 wins from 4 which is favourable enough for the team, considering the strength of his opponents.   So now the season is coming up with many tournaments in the G.D for all players. Sandweiler Open in three weeks, National Championships in November. And most notable The Dunlop Benelux Squash squash series comes to town in January. This is a PSA event so we can expect to see a good Open draw. Further down the calendar in March is the Top Squash Open which is the pinnacle of the season. Ettelbruck, Angels, Dexia have great tournaments and we can not forget our Belgium friends so closely connected to us Arlon & Bastogne who lead on the party front and get large support at their tournaments too.   Whether you are a complete beginner or whether you think you are the best of the best come along and take part in these events. I can assure you that no other sport can compete when it comes to the variety, frequency & enjoyment of events as Squash provides here in Luxembourg.   Have Fun, Keep Fit, Pay Squash Nathan Sneyd (National Coach)
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European Small Nations Squash Tournament (3)

An important day for for both teams on Thursday. The Ladies knowing that winning convincingly could see them clinching gold for the 4th consecutive time. However they were also coming up against a strong Monaco team who had the same idea.
Likewise the men were facing a Monaco team equal on points after two days of the competition.
Niall Woodger and Claudia Mich went on for the first matches. Niall continued with his winning ways comfortably winning 3/0. It was not so easy for Claudia though as she was playing last years #1 rep for Monaco Violaine del Ponte and went 0/3. Francoise Donven who is playing exceptionally well in the 2nd position for Luxembourg, won 3/0 in a physically draining match against Laurence Vada. Sandra Denis was again ruthless in her match winning 3/0, this has ensured that the Women have collected gold for the forth consecutive time that is a massive milestone. However today their thoughts are solely on making this tournament a clean sweep, something they did not accomplish last year. This would put another feather in their cap. Daniel Hutchines finding it tougher this year in comparison to last which is evidence of better strength in the other teams fought well to win 3/0. Slight unfortunate for Monaco who strained his groin after leading Neal Raval 1/0 – Therefore Monaco would win the tie on 3/1. The benefit for Luxembourg that Neal is fresh for Iceland tomorrow. Stephane turned in a great performance after his two initial losses and won 3/1. It would not all go Luxembourg’s way however when Sanjay was outplayed by Christian Boullion 3/0.

So while we lead the way in the Men’s competition, a victory against Iceland is a necessity as Cyprus will undoubtedly put pressure on us by a win over Liechtenstein.

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European Small Nations Squash Tournament (2)

The National team continues their winning ways yesterday against Cyprus.

The Women’s team played very well to beat Cyprus 3/0 – Sandra Denis collected her first win over Vasos in the history of the tournament which was a great milestone for her. Both Francoise Donven and Claudia Mich got the team off to a great start by winning their matches 3/0.

Niall Woodger still on top of his game won 3/0. Daniel Hutchines won 3/1, and this put the team in a very positive situation, knowing that they had just won the past five matches. Neal Raval who was playing his first match of the tournament played tactically well and clinched the victory for the Luxembourg Men’s team winning 3/1. The last two matches however did not go Luxembourg’s way. Sanjay Raval lost 1/3 in an exhibition styled match to Panos, and Stephane Ayache lost 3/0 to Nasos. Steph had a game ball in the first and third set but could not finish the winning points.

Next match today is against Monaco. This is the big match for the ladies. Monaco have a reversed order of team this year, whether our Ladies can cope with this situation…. we will soon find out! I can assure that today they will be playing with a lot of of heart. It will be no plain sailing for the men either. Monaco slipped up against Iceland on day 1 and are trying to make a revenge. Hopefully it will not be against us.

Will let you know!


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European Small Nations Squash Tournament (1)

The European Small Nations Squash Tournament 2007 takes place in Reykjavik, Iceland, from the 3rd to the 8th of October. Both of our teams are there to defend their titles, so lets cross our fingers!!! This year’s men’s team is: Sanjay Raval, Stéphane Ayache, Neal Raval,  Daniel Hutchines, Niall Woodger and Vincent Pauli. The women’s team is: Sandra Denis, Françoise Donven and Claudia Mich.

The Luxembourg National Squash Team got off to a great start on Wednesday beating Liechtenstein rather convincingly. The scores were, 4-1 in the Men’s and 3-0 in the Ladies competitions of the ESNST that is being held in Reykjavik in Iceland.




Vincent Pauli was the only debutant today. Early nerves cost him the first set narrowly losing 10/9, but from that moment on Vincent took control to win the next three games.


Neal Woodger was the player of the day winning 3/0. Daniel Hutchines also claimed a 3/0 victory and remains unbeaten in the ESNST along with Woodger.


Sanjay Raval played tactically well to beating Marcel Rothman 3/2. Sanjay changed the pace of the game well and made his opponent work very hard.


The only loss was Stephane Ayache who was outplayed by a very strong Ralf ???. Stephane is playing second position for this year’s ESNST




The Women, who are going for a fourth consecutive victory in the ESNST, continued with their winning ways. Sandra beat Nicole Rothman 3/0. Both Francoise Donven and Claudia Mich playing in position 2 & 3 all collected comfortable 3/0 wins too.




Neal Raval now joins the team which will bolster the team for the second match for Luxembourg which is today (10/04) against Cyprus at 14.00.


Cyprus has entered a women’s team this year but their strength is unknown. The Cypriot Men’s Team who beat Luxembourg last year will be a huge challenge for Luxembourg. National Coach believes that this tie is effectively the final going on last years results, even though there is a long road ahead for the team.




Other notable news is that Iceland has shocked both Monaco & Liechtenstein to lead the men’s competition after day 1. This is wonderful news for the Icelanders who for many years have been collecting the wooden spoon.




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